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New research suggests monitoring online search terms related to the health impact of heatwaves could help contribute to public health surveillance systems in the UK. Read more >
An independent review – the Topol Technology Review – has been commissioned to assess the impact of new technologies on the training of staff in the NHS. Read more >
Prof Molly Stevens celebrates 10 years as a Full Professor at Imperial College. Read more >
New research from i-sense looks at harnessing video technology and paper microfluidics to measure protein binding affinities. Read more >
In their newly published article, Privacy Rights and Public Information, Benedict Rumbold and Dr James Wilson seek to explore the right to privacy for an individual when they have made information public. Read more >
i-sense researchers and UCL Institute of Archaeology students join the Superbugs event at the Science Museum Lates Read more >


Track, test, treat

i-sense aims to identify outbreaks of infectious disease much earlier than ever before, helping patients gain faster access to care and protecting populations.

We’re not your ordinary research team…

Funded by the EPSRC, i-sense is an Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) dedicated to supporting a strong team of professionals with different expertise and experience.

Our team brings together experts from different disciplines, universities, and countries to conduct high quality research. Read more >

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