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New research, published in Nature, looks at how quantum nanodiamonds may help detect infectious disease earlier. Read more >
i-sense researchers have developed a new public health data visualisation dashboard for COVID-19. Read more >
Research published in ACS Sensors presents a novel method for detecting phenotypic antibiotic resistance in less than 45 minutes, capable of detecting single bacteria.  Read more >
i-sense members have received $200,000 in funding to support their research into modelling the prevalence and understanding the broader impact of COVID-19 using web search data. Read more >
Nature Medicine review looks at how digital technologies have been mobilised for a global public health response to COVID-19. Read more >
UCL has launched Virus Watch, inviting 50,000 households to take part in one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of COVID-19 in the UK. Read more >


Track, test, treat

i-sense aims to identify outbreaks of infectious disease much earlier than ever before, helping patients gain faster access to care and protecting populations.

We’re not your ordinary research team…

Funded by the EPSRC, i-sense is an Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) dedicated to supporting a strong team of professionals with different expertise and experience.

Our team brings together experts from different disciplines, universities, and countries to conduct high quality research. Read more >

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