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Collaborating on sensor development and biomarker identification with iXscient

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By Dr Neil Keegan

The i-sense team at Newcastle University have been working collaboratively with iXscient in the area of sensor development since 2005.

Work we have undertaken with iXscient has highlighted the growing need for the detection of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), an area in which Newcastle University plan to develop bioinformatics tools to identify unique AMR biomarkers and rapid sensor technologies.

This work is important because there is currently a lack of rapid AMR detection technology implemented in healthcare work flows.

iXscient will support this project through their expertise in the field of design and manufacture for diagnostics devices. They have taken an active part in a range of projects with both academic and industrial institutions for many years and have considerable experience in design and manufacture using high-quality 3D printing techniques and translation of these to other production methods.

Over the years, iXscient have acted in an advisory capacity on sensor design and manufacture. For i-sense Next Steps, they have offered in-kind contribution to the work amounting to a maximum of £20,000 over the life time of the project, including conducting market research for relevant applications.