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Collaboration with Twist Dx

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TwistDx Ltd, based in Cambridge UK, has developed an isothermal DNA amplification technology, Recombinase Polymerase Amplification (RPA), which offers PCR-like sensitivity within 10 minutes of reaction time. RPA is easy to operate using pre-formulated stable reagents, needs minimal sample processing and requires no thermocycler. RPA products can be detected by methods including electrophoresis, lateral flow strips or real-time fluorescence.

TwistDx makes RPA available to users in the form of TwistAmp® kits. However, our work with TwistDx has gone further than this. TwistDx has tailored their RPA formulation to our needs in the form of ‘custom’ RPA kits. They have also provided technical insights into the processes involved in preparing their RPA kits, which has allowed i-sense researchers to explore further improving the ability to deploy RPA, particularly in conjunction with lateral flow assays, for which we have developed a significant amount of expertise.