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Below are some of the most common cookies found on i-sense's websites.

Google Analytics

i-sense web pages contain a Google Analytics tracking code to record anonymous information about the date and time of your visit, the type of browser you're using, your approximate geographic location and the URL of any page that led you to i-sense's website. That information is aggregated and used by i-sense to identify usage trends on our site and to make decisions about which content or presentation styles are most effective.

You can find information about opting out of your browsing behaviour being shared with Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics Opt-out page.


The i-sense website contains a simple button/icon and widget linked to our corresponding Facebook page, which does not set a cookie. However, other sites use Facebook features (such as the ‘Like’ button) which do store information which is retrieved and used by Facebook, such as your IP address, approximate location, your browser type, the URL you're visiting, whether you're logged into Facebook, and your Facebook user ID.

Facebook uses this information for a number of its own features and services, as well as measuring the effectiveness of advertising. For more information, see Facebook's Data Policy.


YouTube uses cookies to build video statistics, prevent fraud, and 'improve the site experience'. YouTube is now owned by Google. For more information, see Google’s Privacy Policy.

Google Maps

i-sense pages may, at times, have Google Maps embedded in them. Google may use cookies here to store user preferences or the last location you selected. Cookies are set to expire between six months and two years. For more information, see Google’s Privacy Policy.