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We started this monthly Q&A series to hear and learn from experts across academia, industry, government and policy, and healthcare on topics related to infectious disease outbreak preparedness and response.
Focusing on continued key learnings from the current COVID-19 pandemic, we will explore what we need to do to ensure we are ready to respond to the next outbreak, and how we can better protect our population and healthcare system in the future.

Get involved

Our Q&A series is open to everyone and links to our upcoming events will be made available here, so keep on checking in!

If you would like to suggest topics, be a panel member or submit questions to any of our upcoming events, please feel free to email our Communications and Project Manager, Erin Manning (

Upcoming discussions

To be confirmed.

Listen to our past Q&A discussions 

The i-sense Q&A: Innovations during the pandemic

21 July 2021

In this episode, we spoke to Prof Rebecca Shipley (UCL), Prof Ingemar Cox (UCL) and Dr Alex Dickinson (University of Southampton).

The i-sense Q&A: Patient pathways - remote consulting, healthcare apps and the future of track and trace

19 May 2021

In this episode, we spoke to Prof Claudia Estcourt (GCU), Dr Harpreet Sood (NHS), and Savannah Fishel (National Voices). 

The i-sense Q&A: Communication - Empowering and educating populations through information

21 April 2021

In this episode, we spoke to Prof Ann Blandford (UCL), Dr Euphemia Sibanda (Ceshhar), and Dr Alexandra Freeman (Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication).

The i-sense Q&A: Visualising the pandemic and other health outcomes 

17 March 2021

In this episode, we spoke to Dr Mengdie Zhuang (UCL), Prof Christina Pagel (UCL), and Dr Rodger Beecham (University of Leeds). 

The i-sense Q&A: Traditional and digital epidemiological surveillance, and their place during an outbreak

17 February 2021

In this episode, we will speak to Dr Richard Pebody (WHO/PHE), Prof John Brownstein (Harvard Medical School), and Dr Daniela Paolotti (InfluenzaNet).

The i-sense Q&A: Our environment and the spread of COVID-19

16 December 2020

In this episode, we spoke to Prof David Heymann (WHO/LSHTM), Prof Dame Anne Johnson (UCL), and Prof Deenan Pillay (UCL).

The i-sense Q&A: Is herd immunity a reality?

18 November 2020

In this episode, we spoke to Prof Eleni Nastouli (UCLH) and Prof Michael Edelstein (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

The i-sense Q&A: Diagnostic testing - lessons learned from the pandemic

16 September 2020

In this episode, we spoke to Prof Rosanna Peeling (LSHTM) and Dr Jim Huggett (National Measurement Laboratory & University of Surrey).

The i-sense Q&A: Data sharing and privacy during a pandemic 

19 August 2020

This month we spoke to Jess Morley (Data Lab, University of Oxford), Boris Wojtan (GSMA), and Richard Welpton (the Health Foundation).