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Empowering new leaders in Uganda

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By Dr Polina Brangel, UCL

After a successful first workshop in 2015, this year we ran the second in a series of workshops conducted at the Uganda Virus Research Institute.

The programme was designed with the aim to empower, train and teach participants about the technology used in rapid diagnostic tests for viral infectious diseases. This year we were joined by 15 enthusiastic local participants, including young researchers, graduate students and lab technicians.

Throughout the programme participants were provided training on theoretical and laboratory background for lateral flow immunoassay development and validation. Each participant experienced the different development steps of lateral flow  mmunoassays, including; materials selection, labeling agents (nanoparticles) surface functionalisation, and determination of the limit of detection of the technology.

In addition, the course also provided practical experience with difference lateral flow-based assays, which are commercially available today. This second workshop was part of a Mobility Fellowship that was awarded with the aim to better engage researchers from low and middle income countries on novel rapid diagnostic strategies and technologies. The programme benefitted i-sense through the engagement with an important on-field institute that investigates and provides the forefront response to a wide range of emerging diseases that are within the scope of the i-sense agenda.