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Workshop: The clinical needs for early-warning systems for bacterial infections

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In collaboration with the North East regional Public Health England laboratory, i-sense will be holding a workshop on Tuesday 10th March at Newcastle University to discuss the clinical needs for early warning systems for bacterial infections - linking advanced mobile phone connected point-of-care technologies for the identification and diagnosis of infectious diseases in a variety of applications in clinical microbiology, with web data (e.g. millions of symptoms reported on the web and social media). 

The workshop is being coordinated by i-sense's Professor Calum McNeil, Dr Neil Keegan and Dr Chris Johnson at Newcastle University and by Dr Andy Sails from Public Health England.

It will be designed to try and identify what the public health and clinical end-user needs for bacterial early warning systems and POC tests really are, what are the targets we should be concentrating on within i-sense, what are the analytical demands for identification of those targets and what are the requirements for surveillance and tracking. We will also be exploring if the use of symptoms reported on the web can help us to identify hotspots.

The workshop will be designed to ensure that as many “stakeholders” as possible are present to discuss their needs including clinical microbiologists, infectious disease consultants, ITU clinicians, consultants in communicable disease, GUM clinicians, NHS diagnostic laboratory managers, care home workers, GPs and industry. 

This will take place over the course of a single day and will be held at the Research Beehive at Newcastle University. Places are limited. To book your place, please contact Calum, Neil or Chris at the email addresses below.;;