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Workshop: New Frontiers in Digital Technologies for Influenza: Big Data and Mobile Phone Connected Tests

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Location: Council Room, The Institute of Materials, 1 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DB

Cost: £70 per delegate full price and £40 for current students

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Event Background and Information

Pandemic influenza is rated as one of the top threats to global health on the UK Government National Risk Register. Early detection and vigilant monitoring of serious flu epidemics is crucial to controlling outbreaks and supporting effective follow-up care and researchers across the globe have turned to innovative digital technologies to address this global challenge. A successful early warning system using big data and mobile-phone connected tests could predict a pandemic even before people attend clinics or in parts of the world that lack the resources for traditional public health surveillance. 

This event will bring together leading experts in the field of big data and mobile diagnostics to discuss the latest technologies to track and test influenza. This includes recent developments in mobile connected tests such as microfluidic chips, advanced nano materials and optics and surface-acoustic wave devices and the use of online sources (e.g. Google search engine queries, Twitter) to identify disease outbreaks much earlier than current healthcare systems.

Speakers include representatives from Google, Telefonica, OJ Bio, Harvard Medical School, UCLA, Columbia University, University College London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Public Health England and Imperial College London. 

Panel discussions and a networking reception will give you an invaluable opportunity to engage with these academic and industry experts. You will have the chance to discuss how these digital components could come together into an early warning system and the technical and clinical challenges that are still to be addressed.

There will also be opportunities to present your own research via an abstract submission for oral and poster presentations.

This event is jointed hosted by the EPSRC IRC in Early Warning Sensing Systems in Infectious Diseases (i-sense) and the Infectious Disease Research Network.

Payment Information

£70 per delegate full price and £40 for students (this includes, but is not limited to, PhD, MSc, BSc, medical and nursing students. Please email through proof of student status)

During the registration process, you will be asked to specify your chosen payment method. If you select bank transfer, we will email you instructions. You can also select the option of having an invoice sent to your employer (or other chosen contact).

We are in the process of creating an option to pay online by credit card, this will be available here soon (you are of course welcome to register in the meantime and pay later). You will need to log into the UCL Store (creating an account is free, no added charges etc).

Please make cheques payable to 'University College London' and send to Cherry Heaven, Research Dept of Infection & Population Health, UCL Royal Free Campus, Rowland Hill Street, London, NW3 2PF.

Abstract Submission

Click here to submit an abstract. Deadline for submission is 5pm, Wednesday 28th May 2014. We will be able to accept one submission for oral presentation, and a small number of poster presentations.

Abstracts should be in the format of - title of research / authors / affiliations / introduction / methods results / discussion and conclusions.

Maximum of 300 words (title, authors and affiliations list are NOT included in the word count).


The event will take place at Council Room, The Institute of Materials, 1 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DB

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Start and finish times

Registration is from 8:30am, first presentation at 9:30am, and closing at 18.15pm.


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Event Contact

Please contact Michael Head, or Cherry Heaven, or phone 020 7794 0500 ext 38824.