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i-sense at Great Exhibition Road Festival

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The i-sense team within the Prof Molly Stevens Group at Imperial College London put on an interactive display at the Great Exhibition Road Festival. The event attracted over 50,000 visitors. The group set up three zones with activities for children of all ages to engage in research concepts underway in the group. Part of this exhibit included a large scale model of a lateral flow test constructed by the team. The test was a game used to demonstrate the principle of the lateral-flow diagnostics being developed through i-sense. In this game, visitors to the stand rolled magnets up a slanted board, trying to get as many to stick on the magnetic ‘test line’ as possible. Visitors also learned how our devices use nanoparticles and antibodies in a similar way to see whether or not someone is infected with a virus.

Acknowledgements: This activity was led by Dr Jonathan Wojciechowski and Dr Leah Frenette, in collaborations with Dr John Goertz, Ms Ilona Sunyovszki, Dr Hyejeong Seong, Dr Jonathan Yeow, Mr Mike Potter, Dr Axel Moore, Ms Katya Pchelintseva, and Ms Charlotte Lee-Reeves, Imperial College London.