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The i-sense Q&A: Is herd immunity a reality?

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This i-sense virtual Q&A series highlights topics related infectious disease outbreaks preparedness and response – focusing on what we have learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic, what we need to do to ensure we are ready to respond to the next infectious disease outbreak, and how can we better protect our population and healthcare systems now and in the future.

Each month we will explore different themes related to developing tools and technologies to track, test and treat infectious diseases. As preparing for and responding to an outbreak is a collaborative effort, we’ll gain perspective from experts in academia, government and policy, healthcare, and industry.

Below is the recording from our discussion on this month's topic 'Is herd immunity a reality?'

Our panel members

Prof Eleni Nastouli 
Consultant Clinical Virologist, UCLH, and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Prof Eleni Nastouli graduated in Medicine at the University of Athens, Greece and undertook a postgraduate clinical training first in Paediatrics in Manchester and Imperial College, and subsequently in Clinical Virology at Imperial College London Hospitals, gaining full certification in both specialities.

Optimised use of diagnostics to maximize patient benefit has been at the heart of Prof Nastouli’s clinical laboratory leadership programme and she has lead the UCLH Advanced Pathogen Diagnostics Unit, a late translational research unit within the diagnostics labs at HSL. They develop whole genome sequencing methodologies for pathogens and analysis tools seeking to better understand how pathogens transmit in our hospital environment and how best to treat infections.

Prof Nastouli’s clinical activity is focused on providing care for pregnant women with viral infections like hepatitis B and C, CMV, Zika virus. She runs the antenatal infectious diseases clinic, an adult hepatitis clinic at UCLH and see children at GOSH. Prof Nastouli sits on national and international guideline committees and chair the BVHG Maternal and Paediatric group and acts as an advisor to the PHE National Screening Programme in Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy, and PADO, the WHO committee on paediatric antivirals.

Prof Michael Edelstein
Department of population Health, Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University, Israel 
Prof Michael Edelstein is a public health doctor with international experience specialised in infectious disease and vaccine epidemiology. His expertise and interests include vaccine epidemiology and policy, health inequalities outbreak management, data quality and use and the role of digital tools to improve public health. At Bar Ilan University Prof Edelstein’s focus in on reducing health inequalities in both infectious and non-communicable diseases in the multi-ethnic population of Northern Israel. He is also a technical expert acting as a bridge between tech and public health to ensure technological innovations lead to improved public health outcomes. Prof Edelstein is Deputy Editor of the journal Epidemiology & Infection and president of the infectious diseases section of the European Public Health Association. He has responded to major public health emergencies in Africa (Ebola) and South East Asia (typhoon in Philippines, earthquake in Nepal) and various European outbreaks. He have over 50 peer-reviewed publications and can speak fluent English, French and Spanish. 

Twitter: @epi_michael 

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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

13.30 – 14.15 GMT

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