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i-sense research is generating intellectual property across a range of areas including new biomarkers and biomimetic capture coatings, novel nanoparticles and surface chemistries, new sensor technologies, signal enhancement strategies and big data analytics.

We are working with partners in a broad range of industry sectors to translate our research into products and practices. We currently have eight key partners and are looking to expand this portfolio.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact i-sense Communications Officer, Erin Manning.

Workshops for industry are held as part of the Partnership Resource Fund and can be found in the i-sense events section.

Current industry partners



Industry highlights 

Below you can find highlights of some of our most recent projects with industry. Watch this space for more spotlights on our exciting collaborations. 

Cambridge Life Sciences support i-sense research into immunosensors

The i-sense team at Newcastle University have had a strong industry partnership with Cambridge Life Sciences. The relationship with the Newcastle University team began in the early nineties and has remained strong over the life of the current i-sense project. The collaboration in this time has covered projects on biosensors and immunosensors.

Collaborating on sensor development and biomarker identification with iXscient

Work we have undertaken with iXscient has highlighted the growing need for the detection of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), an area in which Newcastle University plan to develop bioinformatics tools to identify unique AMR biomarkers and rapid sensor technologies.

Collaborating with Twist Dx

TwistDx makes RPA available to users in the form of TwistAmp® kits. However, our work with TwistDx has gone further than this. 

i-sense industry workshop with the University of Surrey's 5G Innovations Centre

On 19 January, i-sense members met at the 5G Innovation Centre in the University of Surrey to discuss and share outputs that have been created as part of i-sense EPSRC IRC, the role that 5G technologies play in the ecosystem, and how they intersect with a range of industry needs.

Google Flu Trends revisited: Improving influenza modelling from search query logs

The latest research from i-sense's collaboration with Google to develop the Google Flu Trends model and support a more accurate picture of influenza-like illness in the UK.

i-sense teams up with Microsoft to assess the impact of health interventions using internet data

i-sense, UCL, Public Health England (PHE) and Microsoft researchers have proven the effectiveness of LAIV, an England-wide flu vaccination programme, by analysing tweets and Bing search queries.

UCL and i-sense join forces with internet giant Google to track flu outbreaks

UCL and i-sense researchers will work with Google to develop their models for estimating flu, contributing to the earlier global detection of influenza outbreaks.

UCL and i-sense researchers meet Japan's SAW experts

Dr Jennifer Brookes and Valérian Turbé visit OJ-Bio's leading facilities for Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology.