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App reading and interpreting HIV test results

i-sense awarded MRC grant to develop digital technologies for HIV diagnosis and care in South Africa

llama outbreak sign, Greenman Festival

We invited festival goers on a interactive experience, to help us control an infectious disease outbreak!

i-sense annual report 15/16

The i-sense Annual Report is out! Read all about our latest research, news partnerships and funding opportunities for 2015-2016.

quantum dots for tb

i-sense researchers are developing a new way to rapidly detect genetic barcodes for tuberculosis in the blood.

Harriet Gliddon in Global Health simulation

i-sense researchers were challenged to come up with diagnostic solutions, as part of this interactive workshop.

Africa Centre water shortage KwaZulu-Natal

i-sense partner, the Africa Centre for Population Health, is doing its part to help with South Africa's water shortage. 

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