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An observational study of patients at UCLH and North Middlesex University Hospital, published in Th
On 23 and 25 Feb, i-sense researchers and support staff across UCL, Imperial, Newcastle University, and University of Strathclyde joined our first virtual careers workshop.
Online search data can help inform the public health response to COVID-19, according to a report from UCL. The data allows experts to predict a peak in cases on average 17 days in advance.
World-renowned sexual health experts are behind a new NHS digital revolution for people with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) using a new automated online consultation giving patients 24-hour
The quantum sensing abilities of nanodiamonds can be used to improve the sensitivity of paper-based diagnostic tests, potentially allowing for earlier detection of diseases such as HIV, according t
Researchers within i-sense have developed a new public health data visualisation dashboard for COVID-19.
A huge congratulations to Prof Dame Anne Johnson who has been elected as the next Academy of Medical Sciences President, taking over the post from Professor Sir Robert Lechler on 3 Dece
Antibiotic resistence is a growing global concern and major threat to human health.