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Researchers from the m-Africa and i-sense projects have been working with communities in rural South Africa to understand how mobile health (mHealth) interventions can help address barriers to HIV
A recent feature on real-time tracking of influenza in Nature Outlook discusses how scientists are using social media and o
On 23 November 2018, Professor Rosanna Peeling, along with Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Noah Fongwen, and PhD student Jobie Budd led the Innovations in mapping and spatial epidemiology: pote
Recent research from i-sense members at UCL seeks to understand whether currently available digital health technologies and online in
A simple and sensitive test developed by i-sense engineers at Imperial College London, in collaboration with MIT, has produced a colour change in urine to signal growing tumours in mice.
On 11 July 2019, we held the i-sense Careers Day, which was our eighth training event aimed at our early career researchers since the beginning of the project.
On 9 and 10 July 2019, we held the i-sense Digital Health Conference, our biggest event yet.
In light of technology advances, a recent publication in 
New research from i-sense members at UCL, in collaboration with the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI), looks at ways data visualisation can help population surveillance sites better utilise a
A recent study, published in Journal of Virological Methods, suggests and evaluates a modificat