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A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research shows that self-swabbing for influenza at home could help surveillance of emerging stages of pandemic and understand on
In 2017, the i-sense Education Alliance Committee reached out to its members to understand what future activities could be planned to best benefit the cohort.
On 19 January, i-sense members met at the 5G Innovation Centre in the University of Surrey to discuss and share outputs that have been created as part of i-sense EPSRC IRC, the role that 5G technol
i-sense researchers from Imperial College London and UCL have recently published landmark research on the development of a paper-based point-of-care test for HIV that surpasses the sensitivity of t
New research from i-sense at Imperial College London and UCL provides a promising new approach to detecting immunity to Ebola virus infection.
On 16 November, 20 i-sense members attended a full day workshop to help improve their communication and presentation skills.
Postdoctoral Research Associate in the i-sense McKendry group at UCL, Dr Harriet Gliddon, recently travelled to South Africa with the support of a UCL Global Engagement Grant.
Science Minister, Jo Johnson, has announced £3.8M in funding from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
i-sense researchers at UCL and Imperial are working on a number of projects in collaboration with Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) to develop and implement diagnostic tools and technologies
Last week, Professor of Biomedical Nanotechnology at UCL and Director of i-sense, Professor Rachel McKendry, and Research Director for Biomedical Materials at Imperial and i-sense Deputy Director,