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The combination of mobile devices with diagnostic tools offers new possibilities to test, track and treat infectious diseases as well as improve health systems, according to a new review published
A huge congratulations to i-sense Deputy Director, Prof Molly Stevens, for being elected Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), when earlier this month the NAE elected 86 new
A huge congratulations of the i-sense McKendry group Senior Lab Manager, Dr Matt Lougher, who received a BEAMS Professional Services Award during the 2018 nominations.
On the 12 & 13 December, the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) hosted the m-Africa workshop in Durban.
With the help of a Patient Public Involvement Starter Grant from the NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre, Dr Harriet Gliddon, an i-sense Postdoc in the McKendry grou
A new review from i-sense members, published in AIDS, looks at the last 20 years of research around diagnostics that use p24, an
Earlier this year, the McKendry lab at UCL hosted three work experience students from schools across the UK.
New research from the McKendry group at UCL, published in Digital Medicine, reports a pilot clinical study using a shear horizontal surface acoustic wave (SH-SAW) biosensors based on low-c
New research from Public Health England and members of i-sense at UCL, published in Environmental Re
As the NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary, i-sense Director, Professor Rachel McKendry, is helping to assess how new technologies including genomics, artificial intelligence and bionanotechnology,