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llama outbreak sign, Greenman Festival
We invited festival goers on a interactive experience, to help us control an infectious disease outbreak!
i-sense annual report 15/16
The i-sense Annual Report is out! Read all about our latest research, news partnerships and funding opportunities for 2015-2016.
quantum dots for tb
i-sense researchers are developing a new way to rapidly detect genetic barcodes for tuberculosis in the blood.
Harriet Gliddon in Global Health simulation
i-sense researchers were challenged to come up with diagnostic solutions, as part of this interactive workshop.
Evdokia Pilavaki wins Cisco poster prize
i-sense PhD student, Evdokia Pilavaki is recognised for her work on an optical sensing device for infectious diseases.
Africa Centre water shortage KwaZulu-Natal
i-sense partner, the Africa Centre for Population Health, is doing its part to help with South Africa's water shortage. 
Africa Centre celebrates International Nurses Day, Kwazulu-Natal
The Africa Centre for Population Health praised the life-saving work of nurses in KwaZulu-Natal, in a jubilant celebration!
Jmaes Wilson
i-sense philosopher James Wilson joins National Data Guardian panel to build trust in health and social data.
Zika virus cluster
Professor Rosanna Peeling is joined by leading experts from the LSHTM to explore Zika diagnostic needs and where i-sense can help.
Rosalind Franklin Appathon winners for women in STEM
The Rosalind Franklin Appathon for Women in STEMM ended on a high note with our Prize and Tech Day 2016!