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Can Science Beat the Virus? 
April 2020

Prof Deenan Pillay joins a panel of experts on a Channel 4 debate to discuss important questions around COVID-19 pandemic.

Google Searches Can Help Us Find Emerging Covid-19 Outbreaks
April 2020

Dr Vasileios Lampos, a computer scientist at University College London, and other researchers have found that a bevy of symptom-related searches — loss of smell as well as fever and shortness of breath — have tracked outbreaks around the world.

Real-time flu tracking
Sept 2019 

Dr Bill Lampos and Dr Richard Pebody discuss how social media monitoring can be used for influenza surveillance. 

Are new smartphone disease trackers missing a key target: women?
Feb 2019

A new study published in scientific journal Nature says smartphones offer novel ways to diagnose, track and control diseases and improve the effectiveness of healthcare systems.

“People increasingly use smartphones to manage their money and connect with the world,” the review’s lead author, professor Molly Stevens of Imperial College London, said in a statement. 

Q&A with…Dr Valérian Turbé and Erin Manning
Oct 2019

This month i-sense members were interviewed by UCLH Research about our successful patient and public involvment workshop. 

EveryONE: Dr. Harriet Gliddon
Oct 2019

i-sense researcher, Dr Harriet Gliddon, features on the PLOS ONE blog.

UCL Africa and Middle East newsletter: UCL awarded funding for mobile technologies to test for and treat HIV
May 2017

i-sense feature in the May edition of UCL Africa and Middle East newsletter for new funding from the Medical Research Council (MRC) on the m-Africa collaboration with Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI).

BBC One: The Truth About HIV
25 May 2017

The BBC One documentary features Deputy Director of i-sense, Professor Deenan Pillay, talking about the major Treatment as Prevention (TasP) trail in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, a province hardest hit by HIV.

EPSRC Blogs: The answer to the next public health epidemic is in your hands

i-sense researcher Vasileios Lampos talks to the EPSRC about his research, using web data generated by social media posts and search engine queries to monitor infectious diseases and health behaviours.

Rachel McKendry named as one of the Grant Thornton 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy

i-sense Director, Rachel McKendry's committment to interdisciplinary research and engagement with policy makers and industry has earned her a spot on the Grant Thornton's 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy.

UKCDS: Using mobile technology for disease early-warning systems

The UK Collaborative on Development Sciences report on i-sense's mobile and big data technologies for HIV and Ebola as part of their ‘Your Research: Science for Global Good’ initiative.

EPSRC Healthy Nations Film

i-sense Director, Professor Rachel McKendry, joins leading EPSRC-funded scientists in explaining their innovative engineering and physical sciences research, which will improve future mental and physical health.

Royal Society of Medicine and ITN Productions: EPSRC Cross Discipline Collaboration

i-sense Deputy Director Professor Calum McNeil discusses i-sense as part of a film on innovative, interdisciplinary healthcare research, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Financial Times: Academia develops technology to boost entrepreneurial talents

i-sense Director Rachel McKendry is featured in FT Reports for the UCL and i-sense Rosalind Franklin Appathon 2016 to empower and recognise Women in STEMM through apps.

Financial Times: Affordable diagnostics is the missing link in medicine

i-sense Deputy Director Rosanna Peeling comments on the current state of global disease diagnostics and regulation in FT Health: Devices and Diagnostics.

The Guardian: Africa's health centre at the frontline of HIV research

i-sense partner, the Africa Centre for Health and Population studies and its Director, Deenan Pillay features in The Guardian for their pioneering research to save lives and change our understanding of the resilient HIV virus.

UCL Annual Review 2013-2014

i-sense featured as a case study for research tackling global challenges in the UCL Annual review 2013-2014.


i-sense featured in the London Centre for Nanotechnology's Nanofocus newsletter 2015.

BMJ Blogs: Clare Wenham and John Edmunds: How effective is this year’s flu vaccine?

i-sense Exploratory Project collaborators John Edmunds and Clare Wenham discuss how Flusurvey has helped them chart vaccine effectiveness.

International coverage: New i-sense collaboration to improve monitoring of UK flu hotspots

The i-sense Flusurvey Project received coverage acorss international and national press including Science News Line (US), Press Release Point (US), On Medica (UK), (Switzerland), (Poland), Science Codex (US), EurekAlert! (US), Medical Xpress (UK) and The Medical News (Australia).

Free home flu test kits for Flusurvey participants

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine announce call for the public to volunteer in new project between Flusurvey and i-sense.

New i-sense collaboration to improve monitoring of UK flu hotspots

UCL cover i-sense's exciting new colloboration with Flusurvey and Public Health England to monitor the spread of flu across the UK more accurately and earlier than ever before.

Postdoc Natascha Kappeler and Rachel McKendry's research on better understanding antibiotic interactions in the blood using nanomechanical cantilevers will be on display at the Science Museum's AMR exhibition, running until 26th November 2014. 


Director Rachel McKendry's research featured in Government AMR initiative

Professor Rachel McKendry's research on the early diagnosis, treatment and tracking of AMR has been chosen as a key case study to represent the EPSRC at the MRC-led, cross-council, government initiative to tackle antibiotic resistance. 

The Lancet: Deenan pillay: virologist in HIV heartlands

The Lancet profiles i-sense Clinical lead Deenan Pillay as he brings his expertise on HIV drug resistance to South Africa, the geographical heart of the disease.

Dr Deenan Pillay appointed new Director of leading HIV research centre in South Africa

Deenan Pillay, Professor of Virology at UCL and i-sense Clinical Lead, is named as the new Director of the Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies, one of the Wellcome Trust’s major overseas programmes.

Deutsche Welle: Professor Rachel McKendry in international radio broadcast

i-sense Director speaks to Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster about the her research into mobile phone-connected diagnostics and web-tracking technologies to curb the spread of the next potentially major infectious disease outbreak.

Using power of internet for good

IOL Scitech coverage on i-sense: British scientists plan to harness the power of the internet to catch outbreaks of killer infections before they spread.

Phones, probes and sensors to transform healthcare

EPSRC Press Release on i-sense

Mobile health technologies to rapidly test and track infectious diseases

UCL Press Release on the launch of i-sense