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Education and training in lockdown

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On 23 and 25 Feb, i-sense researchers and support staff across UCL, Imperial, Newcastle University, and University of Strathclyde joined our first virtual careers workshop. The session was facilitated by coaching expert, Gill Burt, who worked with the i-sense team to help map out their career goals and ambitions. The team completed surveys and activities to help them identify their values and benefited from breakout sessions and group discussions about how their values may affect their career goals. 

Photo credit: Microbiz Mag, Source: Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

“The careers session gave me an excuse to carve out time to reflect on my own goals and values.  Even though it was virtual rather than in person, it was still great to connect with the other i-sense members from other institutions throughout the session in our breakout rooms. Gill made it feel like an in person session by providing materials for hands on activities and concept visualisation.”

– Dr Leah Frenette, Research Associate, Stevens Group, Imperial College London

“When you are trying to decide your career goals and ambitions, it is crucial to start understanding yourself. Sometimes we just jump into our next obvious step without thinking if this is what we really want to do. This workshop really helped me take time to think about myself and my next steps.”

– Dr Marta Broto Aviles, Research Associate, Stevens Group, Imperial College London

“It really enjoyed the Careers Day. Thanks to the coaching expert, Gill Burt, who helped us explore our personal values and abilities. During the session, I learnt that I’m enthusiastic about pushing boundaries and learning, but also recognise that I would like to improve on my communication with other people. I am looking forward for the future sessions and putting these learnings into practice.”

– Dr Da Huang, Research Associate, McKendry group, UCL

“As COVID continues to challenge physical presence at workshops, the career training workshops are being moved online. While physical presence might be preferred, Gill excellently provided the right balance and “workshop atmosphere” through an ingenious interplay between exercises and discussions online and physical interactions with course materials forwarded prior to the kick-off of the workshop. More personally, the tools provided in the workshop will enable me to actively pursue career opportunities that aligns with my goals through strategic investment in my own strengths and lesser strengths.”

– Dr Simon Pedersen, Research Associate, Stevens Group, Imperial College London

"The virtual Careers Day were very inspiring and provided interesting tools to thrive in the professional environment. The discussions with the participants and the organisers were easy and insightful, although it was all virtual due to covid-19 restrictions. I learnt a lot from these days and this knowledge will certainly be useful in the future."

– Dounia Cherkaoui, PhD Student, McKendry group, UCL