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The i-sense Q&A: Diagnostic testing - lessons learned from the pandemic

16 September 2020

In this episode, we spoke to Prof Rosanna Peeling (LSHTM) and Dr Jim Huggett (National Measurement Laboratory & University of Surrey).

The i-sense Q&A: Data sharing and privacy during a pandemic 

19 August 2020

This month we spoke to Jess Morley (Data Lab, University of Oxford), Boris Wojtan (GSMA), and Richard Welpton (the Health Foundation).


An i-sense workshop: Exploring technical and cultural barriers for veterinary diagnostics

May 2019

An i-sense funded workshop, run by the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey, brought together experts in diagnostic test development and digital technology to examine state-of-the-art tools available, as well as explore technical and cultural barriers to implementation.

An i-sense workshop: Innovations in mapping and spatial epidemiology

23 November 2019

Professor Rosanna Peeling, along with Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dr Noah Fongwen, and PhD student Jobie Budd led the Innovations in mapping and spatial epidemiology: potential applications in public health practice i-sense workshop.

Public engagement: i-sense joins the Science Summer School for young migrants as it celebrates its second year

Summer 2019

This summer a group of PhD students from the London Centre of Nanotechnology (LCN) and the Institute of Education (IoE), including i-sense PhD student, Dounia Cherkaoui, ran a two week summer school for refugees, young migrants, and asylum seeking students at UCL.

Partnership Resource Fund workshop: i-sense Careers Day

11 July 2019

On 11 July 2019, we held the i-sense Careers Day, which was our eighth training event aimed at our early career researchers since the beginning of the project. A total of 42 people attended the workshop over the course of the day, including six alumni, 22 researchers, and six students.

Partnership Resource Fund workshop: i-sense Digital Health Conference

9 & 10 July 2019

The i-sense Digital Health Conference will celebrate five years of i-sense research over a two-day series of talks, panel discussions and keynotes. The aim of the conference is to share the latest innovations in quality digital health research around infectious diseases, and offer the opportunity to build and strengthen collaborations across different sectors. The conference is a mix of i-sense speakers and industry experts who will share their experience in the field of digital health. 

An i-sense workshop: Ultrasensitive Antigen Tests in Infectious Disease Diagnostics

16 May 2019

The main aim of the workshop, lead by Prof Roanna Peeling and Dr Noah Fongwen at LSHTM, was to discuss how different i-sense Flagships could apply the technologies within i-sense in the development of ultrasensitive antigen tests for priority diseases.


Public engagement: Superbugs at the Science Museum Lates

25 April 2018

i-sense researchers from UCL and Imperial College London joined the superbugs themed Science Museum Lates. The exhibit, titled ‘The Ultimate Superbugs Race,’ was a collaboration between i-sense and students from the UCL Institute of Archaeology. 

Public engagment: Digital Health Technology Show

13 - 14 March 2018

i-sense members joined the Digital Health Technology Show at the ExCel Centre in London. The show is estimated to have attracted more than 4,000 people over the two days and gave us the opportunity to speak to some really engaged people, from those interested in the potential translation of our technologies, to students from various universities across the UK.

Public engagement: EPSRC Science for a Successful Nation

21 February 2018 

The EPSRC held a showcase at the Royal Society in London to promote the importance for EPSRC investments, in the context of UK prosperity. A number of EPSRC funded projects were selected to showcase their work as part of the visual backdrop to the event that also included panel discussions and debate. The space was broken up into four Prosperity Outcomes and i-sense members held a small booth as part of the ‘healthy nation’ outcome to showcase the tools and digital technologies being developed to identify and prevent outbreaks of infectious disease, much earlier than ever before.

Education Alliance workshop: Data visualisation masterclass

2 February 2018

This data visualisation workshop usually runs as part of the Guardian Masterclasses and was adapted to fit the i-sense team. It provided the opportunity for all i-sense members to think about ways to present their data in an interesting, aesthetically appealing way, that is easy for their audience to understand.

Education Alliance workshop: Designing trials for diagnostic test accuracy

1 February 2018

The workshop was an interactive day that included examples and active participation for attendees to complete exercises in small groups. The focus of the workshop was to study the design and role of diagnostic tests and how they can be evaluated, study sample size, assess potential sources of bias and applicability, and understand how to interpret and communicate results of diagnostic test accuracy.

Partnership Research Fund workshop: i-sense industry workshop with the University of Surrey's 5G Innovation Centre

19 January 2018

i-sense members met at the 5G Innovation Centre in the University of Surrey to discuss and share outputs that have been created as part of i-sense EPSRC IRC, the role that 5G technologies play in the ecosystem, and how they intersect with a range of industry needs.


Education Alliance workshop: Communication and presentation skills workshop

16 November 2017

i-sense members attended a full day workshop to help improve their communication and presentation skills. The workshop was facilitated by Mortal Fools in collaboration with Northern Stage at Newcastle University. The workshop was about learning by doing, practising and observing others.

Public engagement event: New Scientist Live

28 September - 1 October 2017

Researchers from i-sense joined the award winning show, New Scientist Live, as thousands of people visited the ExCel centre in London for a stimulating festival of ideas. Sitting within the technology zone, the i-sense exhibit attracted a range of participants, from those excited to hear about our research into mobile healthcare and diagnostics for infectious diseases, to those wanting to be tested for the i-sense ‘Science Bug’.

Flagship 1 workshop: system needs for diagnostics in global health emergencies

1 September 2017

i-sense members met at the 5G Innovation Centre in the University of Surrey to discuss and share outputs that have been created as part of i-sense EPSRC IRC, the role that 5G technologies play in the ecosystem, and how they intersect with a range of industry needs.

Partnership Research Fund conference: EPSRC all IRC conference on the Future of Healthcare Technology

28 - 29 June 2017

The three EPSRC funded Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) came together in Bath for the Future of Healthcare Technology conference. As the first of its kind, the conference focused on the latest developments in healthcare technologies, central to the core theme of each research group.

Public engagement: Llama Outbreak, Courtyard Festival

29 May 2017

Researchers from the i-sense Llama Outbreak Control Unit were back again this year at Courtyard in Kings Cross, Green Man’s Welsh beer and cider festival, to track a strange disease spreading across London.


Public engagement: Llama Outbreak, Greenman Festival

August 2016

i-sense researchers asked festival goers at Greenman Festival to help us contain a mysterious outbreak that is turning people into Llamas! As thousands of people gathered at Einstein's Garden, a unique area of Greenman Festival that brings science to life through art, nature and interactive experiences, they came across a rather unique stall. The Llama Outbreak Control Clinic was set up in response to a public health emergency that had descended upon the festival- a strange virus that was turning people into Llamas!

Flagship 1 workshop: Preparing a global health response

7 June 2016

Professor Rosanna Peeling and Dr Penny Wilson from Innovate UK recently led an interactive workshop on open platform technologies and global health regulations. i-sense students and researchers were challenged to come up with solutions to three central issues for academics working within industry, that could impact the development of open platform technology.

Flagship 1 workshop: Zika diagnostics

25 March 2016

In the wake of WHO declaring Zika as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 1st Feb 2016, Professor Rosanna Peeling ran a workshop with leading experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to explore the diagnostic needs for Zika and how i-sense researchers might respond to a global health emergency.

Public engagement: The Rosalind Franklin Appathon

23 February 2016

Through the Rosalind Franklin Appathon, we aimed to harness this digital revolution to reach out to a much larger global audience than traditional women’s networking events, and challenge cultural stereotypes.


Public engagement: Bug hunters at UCL Spark Festival

7 September 2015

i-sense researchers invited the public to be scientists for a day at our 'Bug Hunters' stall at the 2015 Spark Festival London at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Through fun, hands-on activities, we took visitors on an interactive journey for our hunt for bugs- to detect and identify infectious diseases much earlier than is currently possible. 

Partnership Resource Fund workshop: Point of care systems for detection of bacterial infection

20 March 2015

On Tuesday 10th March, i-sense held its second collaborative workshop to discuss the clinical needs for an early-warning system for bacterial infections. In collaboration with the North East regional Public Health England (PHE) laboratory, 31 delegates gathered at the one-day workshop 'Point of Care Systems for Detection of Bacterial Infection' to help us ensure that i-sense's early warning systems met current clinical, public health and industry needs and demands. Delegates represented hospital consultants (A&E, adult infectious diseases, paediatric infectious diseases, general medicine and critical care), Public Health England, clinical microbiologists, Public Health STI and the mobile diagnostics industry.


Education Alliance workshop: Fostering our future

25 - 26 November 2014

Based on a theme of enterprise, innovation and commercialisation, i-sense's students and early career researchers met for the first annual Education Alliance Enterprise workshop at Newcastle University. The programme was designed to complement the i-sense research agenda, build generic skills and provide researchers with confidence in their own abilities.

Partnership Research Fund workshop: New frontiers in digital influenza surveillance

26 June 2014

Leading experts in the field of big data and mobile health gathered at The Institute of Materials at Carlton House Terrace, London to hear talks and exchange ideas on the latest breakthroughs in digital flu diagnostics.