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i-sense and 5G Innovation Centre workshop

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On 19 January, i-sense members met at the 5G Innovation Centre in the University of Surrey to discuss and share outputs that have been created as part of i-sense EPSRC IRC, the role that 5G technologies play in the ecosystem, and how they intersect with a range of industry needs.

During the one-day workshop, we heard from i-sense members about the developments of their projects, from leads at the 5G Innovation Centre about the exciting future of 5G, and from a range of industrial partners including those from areas such as diagnostics, telecommunications, data analytics and technology.

Collaborating with the future of technology

Deputy Director of i-sense and Partnership Resource Fund lead, Professor Vince Emery, says “this workshop was an excellent example of how engagement across a range of disciplines from diagnostics through to big data and cutting edge communication technologies such as 5G allows new avenues of activity to be explored between university and industry partners, which will ultimately make an impact locally, nationally and globally.”

Through short talks, video sharing, breakout sessions and round table discussion attendees were able to discuss their projects, ideas for the future, and potential collaborations. The i-sense team were able to discuss exciting new developments from their research, gain feedback from experienced industry professionals, and understand any gaps in industry needs to ensure that i-sense tools and technologies continue to be developed with these needs in mind.

Senior Technology Officer eHealth at Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, Chris Isaacs, says “5G promises to solve many of the challenges associated with connecting remote diagnostics as well as enabling a plethora of new solutions and services destined to impact the health of citizens across the world. Collaboration between academia, industry, governments and policy makers is critical to define and execute the vision of a world free of disease.”

“Workshops such as these bring focus and opportunity and the i-sense team are to be commended for the leading the way in research and innovation.”

The 5G Innovation Centre

The 5G Innovation Centre is a purpose-built site that houses more than 170 researchers and leading academics. 

The site is a testbed for trialling new ideas, proving concepts and validating standards for the future of 5G and provided a great space to collaborate with partners on the digital future of healthcare.

i-sense would like to thank everyone who attended the workshop, particularly i-sense Flagship 1 lead, Professor Rosanna Peeling, Senior Technology Officer eHealth at Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, Chris Isaacs, and Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department for International Trade, Dr Mike Short, for conducting the round table discussions.