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i-sense researcher joins National Data Guardian panel

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i-sense researcher and UCL philosopher, Dr James Wilson has joined the National Data Guardian panel. The panel supports the work of the National Data Guardian, Dame Fiona Caldicott, and aims to build trust in the use of data across health and social care. James is the only philosopher to be a member of the panel. His contributions to the panel will build on his work for HSCIC’s Data Access Advisory Group, and the i-sense exploratory ethics project “Building and Maintaining Public Trust in Early Warning Sensing Systems”. More about this project here.

The NDG panel is guided by three main principles: encouraging clinicians to share information to enable joined-up care, better diagnosis and treatment; ensuring there are no surprises about how a citizen's health and care data is being used and that individuals are given a choice about this; and building a dialogue with the public about how we all wish information to be used.