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Jennifer Brookes presents i-sense vision at III Symposium 2015

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i-sense researcher Dr Jennifer Brookes delivered her talk "Early detection of infectious disease: modelling 'capture' proteins in HIV and Influenza" at the UCL Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (III) Symposium 2015 on Wednesday 14th October 2015 at the UCL Institute of Child Health.

Jenny presented the i-sense vision and the work done at the London Centre for Nanotechnology to develop rapid hand-held mobile phone-integrated diagnostics for HIV, in particular implementing nanobodies as “capture” layers for early onset infection biomarkers.

Jenny is a postdoctoral research associate within i-sense who uses computation and theory in physics for optimizing the design of biosensors. This involves FEM analysis of biosensors and atomistic models for understanding the molecular recognition processes that ensures sensitive and selective detection.  

The "triple I" Symposium is an annual event that showcases the breadth and excellence in the basic, translational and clinical research undergone at UCL and UCL Partners. It provides networking opportunities with the hope of encouraging new research initiatives and collaborations.