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Preparing a Global Health Response: An i-sense workshop

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i-sense researchers take part in a Global Health outbreak simulation

Professor Rosanna Peeling and Dr Penny Wilson from Innovate UK recently led an interactive workshop on open platform technologies and global health regulations.

i-sense students and researchers were challenged to come up with solutions to three central issues for academics working within industry, that could impact the development of open platform technology.

As part of this event, they were exposed to a simulated global health emergency run by Global Health Sim and asked to pitch their diagnostic technologies in response to the challenge. This enabled them to better understand the complexities of a global health response and place their technologies into a real-life context.

This workshop was part of the i-sense Education Allliance, created to introduce new teaching and training courses in order to grow the skills of our students and researchers.


Global Health Sim is a movement of people committed to developing free open access resources for global health learning. Through engaging role-playing simulations in-person and online, they work to help students and practitioners better understand the complexities of Global health issues, both locally and internationally.