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Prof Molly Stevens speak about i-sense at the World Economic Forum

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i-sense research into connected diagnostics was highlighted at the World Economic Forum this year by i-sense Deputy Director, Prof Molly Stevens. 

Prof Stevens, from the Department of Materials at Imperial College London, led a session called 'Biosensors and the Future of Diagnostics.' She discussed the i-sense project and the tools and technologies being developed within the project to build a new generation of digital sensing systems to identify and prevent outbreaks of infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance, much earlier than ever before. 

"One of the things we need to do is to come up with diagnostics that a more simple, cheaper, effective, and globally accessible," says Prof Stevens.

Her talk discussed how i-sense are harnessing mobile phone capabilities to make our infectious disease diagnostics digitally connected, therefore improving accessibility, particularly for those in developing areas. 

"In places such as sub Saharan Africa more people are getting access to smartphones," says Prof Stevens. "We're interested in using the camera capability of the phone to capture images of the type of tests that we are going to be using for our bio-sensing."

"We see this as a really important way in helping to democratise access to healthcare.”