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Superbugs at the Science Museum Lates

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i-sense researchers from UCL and Imperial College London joined this month’s superbugs themed Science Museum Lates. The exhibit, titled ‘The Ultimate Superbugs Race,’ was a collaboration between i-sense and students from the UCL Institute of Archaeology. 

The activity allowed visitors to the Musuem to choose, evolve and race their very own bacteria, while exploring how different bugs develop resistance to antibiotics. i-sense members encouraged visitors to ask questions about their chosen bacteria and explained the work taking place within the i-sense project. 

PhD student in the i-sense McKendry group at UCL, Ben Miller, says “Building the bacteria was a nice way to engage people to talk about their structure and resistance mechanisms.”

Postdoctoral Research Associate in the i-sense McKendry group at UCL, Dr Harriet Gliddon, says “Having a competitive element to the activity seemed to be a real draw in for visitors and everyone enjoyed working out how to build their bugs and then compete with their friends for the title of Ultimate Superbug!

“We got the chance to talk to people about their chosen bacteria during the races; it’s always so nice to have the opportunity to speak to different audiences about our research.”

The Museum welcomes around 5,000 visitors to a programme of over 40 events which include talks, demonstrations and workshops taking place around the venue.

The Science Museum Lates are free events held on the last Wednesday of every month from 18.45 – 22.00. Each month has a different theme and a variety of different activities.

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