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A Novel Sensor System for Influenza: Combining chemical sensors with mobile phones for rapid diagnosis 

One of the key challenges in reducing flu outbreaks, and the associated health and economic losses, is the length of time that it takes to diagnose patients. Earlier intervention and isolation of infected patients could potentially lead to a rapid reduction in the costs for international health agencies and save thousands of lives.

Flagship 1 attend the 1st International Conference on Re-emerging Infectious Diseases in Addis

Dr Noah Fongwen, a member of Professor Rosanna Peeling's team within i-sense Flagship 1, was invited for a policy talk on diagnostic priorities for the implementation of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance in Africa during the 1st International Conference on Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (ICREID).

Dr Fongwen’s abstract was among the 12 accepted (out of 96) for oral presentation during plenary sessions at the ICREID.

Llama Outbreak, Einstein's Garden at Greenman Festival

As thousands of people gathered at Einstein's Garden, a unique area of Greenman Festival that brings science to life through art, nature and interactive experiences, they came across a rather unique stall. The Llama Outbreak Control Clinic was set up in response to a public health emergency that had descended upon the festival- a strange virus that was turning people into Llamas!