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Case studies: 2015/16 Exploratory Projects

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Round two: Digital Diseases Detection - Building the Toolkit (2015/16)


Smart detection of influenza: The chemical interface between the virus and mobile phones

i-sense researchers are developing a low-cost mobile phone spectrometer, which enhances the ability of phone cameras to accurately read results on point-of-care tests for influenza.

People involved: Dr Matthew PennyDr Michael ThomasProfessor Molly StevensProfessor Rachel McKendry and Dr Stephen Hilton
Collaborating institutions: UCL, Imperial College London

HIV self testing and pathway

Apps can provide an important link between technology, a person testing for or already diagnosed with HIV, and healthcare professionals. In a collaboration between UCL and Glasgow Caledonian University, i-sense researchers are developing a user-centred online pathway for HIV, called iSHOP.

People involved: Dr Jo GibbsProfessor Ann BlandfordDr Pam SonnenbergDr Aneesha Singh, and Professor Claudia Estcourt
Collaborating institutions: UCL, Glasgow Caledonian University

Highly Controlled Nanoparticle-Antibody Conjugates for Next-Generation Point of Care Diagnostics

i-sense researchers at UCL and Imperial College London have been working together to understand the chemistry behind nanoparticle-antibody conjugation to improve biomarker detection in point-of-care tests for protein based disease biomarkers. 

People involved: Dr Vijay Chudasama, Dr Daniel Richards, Dr Chris Wood, Dr Mike Thomas, Dr Adam Creamer, Ye Wang, Dr Philip Howes, Joao Nogueira, Professor Martin Heeney, and Professor Molly Stevens
Collaborating institutions: UCL, Imperial College London

Exploiting microfluidics and printing technologies to rapidly detect MRSA in nasal swabs

People involved: Prof Kenny Delgarno
Collaborating institutions: Newcastle Universtiy, Public Health England, UCL

Developing target product profiles of point-of-care tests for influenza

People involved: Dr Peter White and Prof Andrew Hayward 
Collaborating institutions: UCL, Public Health England

A technical framework for enabeling and supporting data donors for medical research

People involved: Prof Ingemar Cox
Collaborating institutions: UCL, Imperial College London