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Partnership Resource Fund

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Led by i-sense Deputy Director, Professor Vince Emery, the Partnership Resource Fund (PRF) was created to grow i-sense into a self-sustained hub of innovation, by building networks of excellence including external academic, clinical and industry partners. 

The PRF consists of three flexible funding opportunties, which include: 

  1. Knowledge Transfer Grants: these projects aim to support the translation of i-sense technologies into products and practise
  2. Mobility Fellowships: these projects offer our members the chance to expand their knowledge and experience in different dynamic scientific enviornments 
  3. Commissioned Research

The PRF aims to promote a new culture of engagement and forward thinking initiatives between academics, the public, patients, clinicians, industry, regulators, policy makers and the media in order to complement and strengthen the expertise of the consortium. 

Initatives include a series of workshops, funds to support visiting researchers, flexible funding to leverage through partnership, and broad dissemination of our research through our website and communication channels, policy and public engagement activities. 

PRF supported events: 

PRF case studies: