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Test: Smartphone-connected diagnostic tests

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Led by Prof Molly Stevens (Imperial College London), Prof Rachel McKendry (UCL), and Prof Deenan Pillay, and Dr Neil Keegan and Prof Anil Wipat (Newcastle University).

The aim of this research theme is to build smartphone-connected diagnostic tests to widen access to testing, support front-line health workers, and enable self-testing with linkage to online care. We are growing capabilities in ultra-sensitive nanomaterials (antibody and antigen detection), molecular sensing (DNA and RNA detection), and exploring handheld sequencing technologies.

    Research impact

    • Our point-of-care lateral flow tests are being developed using novel nanomaterials, including our HIV test that surpasses the sensitivity of the current industrial gold standard for detection of p24, an early biomarker for HIV.
    • Our portable mHealth tools and protocols have been adopted for quality assurance of HIV rapid tests by the Africa Health Research Institute, supporting healthcare workers and the local community by reducing the risk of false test results.

    Working on COVID-19 diagnostics during lockdown

    The team at i-sense have been working collaboratively across institutions to develop point-of-care diagnostic tests for COVID-19. When the UK went into lockdown in mid-March, a small group of researchers were given special access to i-sense labs in London and quickly implemented appropriate measures to ensure they could continue this important work safely.

    Adapting i-sense technologies for detection of COVID-19

    In response to the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), i-sense researchers have been working collaboratively to rapidly adapt our tools and technologies to support development of emergency diagnostics and surveillance to assess the prevalence of the virus.


    Co-creating mHealth interventions for HIV with potential end-users (2019)

    Researchers from the m-Africa and i-sense projects have been working with communities in rural South Africa to understand how mobile health (mHealth) interventions can help address barriers to HIV testing and linkage to care. The formative work has just been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

    Collaborative study shows promising results for colon cancer diagnostic (2019)

    A simple and sensitive test developed by i-sense engineers at Imperial College London, in collaboration with MIT, has produced a colour change in urine to signal growing tumours in mice.

    Bringing dengue diagnostics into the twenty-first century

    new review from i-sense members, published in AIDS, looks at the last 20 years of research around diagnostics that use p24, an important protein in the detection of early stage HIV.

    Building the future of mobile healthcare (2019)

    The combination of mobile devices with diagnostic tools offers new possibilities to test, track and treat infectious diseases as well as improve health systems, according to a new review published today in Nature.

    The review, led by i-sense researchers from Imperial College London in collaboration with University College London, Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI), University of KwaZulu-Natal and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, discusses how mobile health (mHealth) solutions combined with connected diagnostics could increase access to testing and care for patients, and improve the ability of public health authorities to monitor outbreaks and intervene to stop them.

    p24 revisited: reassessing an old candidate for HIV diagnosis (2018)

    new review from i-sense members, published in AIDS, looks at the last 20 years of research around diagnostics that use p24, an important protein in the detection of early stage HIV.

    New connected test for HIV shows promising results (2018)

    New research from the McKendry group at UCL, published in Digital Medicine, reports a pilot clinical study using a shear horizontal surface acoustic wave (SH-SAW) biosensors based on low-cost components found in smartphones to diagnose HIV in 133 patients. The study builds on research published in Scientific Reports in 2017, which showed promising developments towards a smartphone-connected diagnostic tool that can detect HIV infection within seconds. The device comprises of a disposable biochip, a pocket-sized control box reader developed by OJ-Bio, and a mobile device to analyse display and transmit results.

    Harnessing video technology and paper microfluidics to measure protein binding affinities (2018)

    Measuring the binding affinity between the building block of life - proteins - lies at the heart of biochemistry, disease diagnostics, and drug discovery. However, despite widespread demand and potential applications, common methods rely on expensive laboratory-based equipment, such as surface plasmon resonance and interferometry. New research from Professor McKendry’s team at UCL suggests an approach that could be up to 500-fold cheaper to perform, using simply a digital camera, paper microfluidics, and computer vision algorithms to quantify protein binding constants and kinetic rates of reaction.

    HIV test for early stage infections surpasses gold standard (2017)

    i-sense researchers from Imperial College London and UCL have recently published landmark research on the development of a paper-based point-of-care test for HIV that surpasses the sensitivity of the current industrial gold standard for detection of p24, an early biomarker for HIV.

    Promising new technology for diagnosing immunity to Ebola (2017)

    New research from i-sense at Imperial College London and UCL provides a promising new approach to detecting immunity to Ebola virus infection. The new approach uses lateral flow technology, similar to that of a pregnancy test, coupled with smartphones to provide a promising alternative to lab-based testing.

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