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Treat: Real-time data visualisation tools and linkage to care

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Led by Dr Ed Manley (Leeds) and Prof Deenan Pillay (UCL)

The aim of this research theme is to create real-time data visualisation tools to map disease ‘hotspots’ and support faster linkage to treatment by marrying mHealth, genomic, clinical, epidemiological and socio-economic data.

    Research impact

    • Our mobile app, co-created with the AHRI, has been piloted with 30 participants in a local health clinic demonstrating the feasibility and acceptability of self-testing and linkage to care using mHealth technologies.
    • Our data dashboards, co-created with AHRI, were used in a HIV trial and adopted for service delivery of the population health intervention platform.

    Can digital resources for HIV provide appropriate emotional support? (2020)

    Recent research from i-sense members at UCL seeks to understand whether currently available digital health technologies and online information related to HIV offers adequate emotional support. The study, which included more than 200 participants over three stages, aimed to understand how and why people access information related to HIV, and their experiences of using these resources.

    Can data visualisation help inform health interventions? (2019)

    New research from i-sense members at UCL, in collaboration with the Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI), looks at ways data visualisation can help population surveillance sites better utilise and understand the large amounts of data they collect for disease surveillance. 

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