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i-sense aims to detect outbreaks of disease much earlier than is currently possible. 

We will do this by engineering a new generation of low cost, early warning systems. These systems will combine symptoms reported on the web with novel mobile phone-connected diagnostic tests.   

In order to achieve these aims and objectives we have four interwoven programmes of work:  

Our Core Research programme is developing early warning systems in three disease areas: influenza, bacterial infections and HIV. It brings together our strengths in microbiology, genomics, nanotechnology, telecommunications, big data and public health.

Our Exploratory Projects programme supports new, short collaborative projects between two or more of the academic partner institutions, to ensure that i-sense benefits from the latest scientific developments. 

Our Education Alliance is introducing new cross-disciplinary teaching and training opportunities to grow the skills of our young researchers.

Our Partnership Resource Fund aims to build networks of excellence with external partners and to promote engagement with future users of our technology.