Education Alliance

The i-sense Education Alliance has been created to introduce new teaching and training courses in order to grow the skills of our students and researchers. 

The Education Alliance aims to expose students and researchers to the holistic perspective of end user needs for diagnostics and early-warning systems, and we hope they will benefit from a variety of expertise, skills and training opportunities. 

PhD students are crucial to the long-term sustainability of i‐sense. The Education Alliance provides a supportive and exciting environment for students, creating new working cultures, building relationships between teams in universities and forging lasting links with industry.

This programme is overseen by the Education Alliance Board, led by Newcastle’s Neil Keegan and representatives from across the i-sense partner institutions, including Philip HowesNatascha Kappeler, Michael Thomas and Benjamin Pierce.

Ultimately, this unique programme is designed to prepare and inspire students and researchers for future careers, developing and disseminating new sensing systems to solve global healthcare challenges.

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