Partnership Resource Fund

Led by i-sense Deputy Director, Vince Emery, the Partnership Resource Fund was created to grow i-sense into a self-sustained hub of innovation, by building networks of excellence including external academic, clinical and industry partners.


     Speakers and delegates from the 2014 i-sense flu workshop

The Partnership Resource Fund aims to promote a new culture of engagement and forward thinking initiatives between academics, the public, patients, clinicians, industry, regulators, policy makers and the media in order to complement and strengthen the expertise of the consortium. 

Academics in engineering, physical and biomedical sciences benefit through both increased interaction and an increased awareness of public and patient views on their specific activities. This offers the opportunity to reflect upon the social and ethical implications of our research. Enagagement with the EPSRC and wider stakeholders in the community will help create a strategic vision for a national research landscape. 

Initatives include a series of workshops, funds to support visiting researchers, flexible funding to leverage through partnership, and broad dissemination of our research through our website and communication channels, policy and public engagement activities. We are aiming to build on our national and international partnerships through our Mobility Fellowships, designed to support incoming researchers from academia and industry, to work with an i-sense group. More information here.