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Zyme Biosciences make the finals of WE Innovate

​Zyme Biosciences, a team led by Dr Marta Broto Aviles who is an i-sense postdoc in Prof Molly Stevens group at Imperial College London, have made the finals of WE Innovate 2021. The scheme is led by the Imperial Enterprise Lab and provides a platform to showcase the incredible progress being made in women’s entrepreneurship at Imperial – with winning teams receiving a part of a 30K prize fund for their ideas.  

Plasmonic nanomaterials for biodiagnostics

The successful treatment and cure of all diseases relies heavily on accurate diagnosis: if we don’t know what a disease is, we won’t know how to stop it. The ramifications of this can be very serious, with delays in diagnosis and treatment playing a key factor in many deaths and dehabilitating conditions. Traditional diagnostic tools and procedures have been used to great effect in many cases, but they do have limitations.