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i-sense Mobility Fellowships

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i-sense Mobility Fellowships are designed to support incoming researchers from academia and industry to work with us in the following areas - mobile phone-connected point of care tests, optics and microfluidics, machine learning, statistics, data security, app development and dashboards. Applications from other areas are also welcome.

All incoming fellows must be hosted in an i-sense group.

Download the application form here.

Fellowships should be between 1 week and 6 months and a maximum allowance of £10,000 per Fellowship is available (80% of directly incurred costs).  This funding is available to cover travel and subsistence costs only. Awards must be utilised for mobility within 12 months of the award date.

Applications will be considered on a quarterly basis. The next deadline is 31st October 2016.

All awardees will be expected to write a brief report on their Mobility Fellowship and these may be featured on the i-sense website. For any further queries please contact Vince Emery (